Our Purpose

Making Louisville Beautiful

We are proud to support our local beautification projects.


Gallopalooza, Inc. – a 501(c)(3) charitable organization with a mission of building civic pride and beautifying the community – is proud to announce that proceeds from our 2015 project will support the special LED lighting project on the Big Four pedestrian bridge, in partnership with Waterfront Development Corporation. The Waterfront Development Corporation proposed lighting the Big Four Bridge to celebrate its architecture, provide a stunning addition to our downtown’s evening image and create positive conversations throughout our community. The three large spans of the bridge have been fully lit, with each of the steel components illuminated. The three small spans will be lit only on their borders.

In addition, Gallopalooza will continue its partnership with Brightside and use future funds to help it develop a Ninth Street Gateway into our community. Our current project with Brightside involves removing invasive species along I-64 between Cannons Lane and Grinstead Drive and replacing them with beautiful native trees and plants.

Donor-funded and volunteer-driven, Brightside empowers neighborhood associations, suburban cities, civic and religious organizations, businesses and schools to implement beautification efforts, cleanups and environmental education programs throughout the community.

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