Black Horse

Gallopalooza. A celebration of artistry and community.

As you drive or stroll around town, you will inevitably spy a spectacularly painted horse statue standing regally in front of a local business. And chances are, you'll see more than one. Each one is unique. Each one has a story behind it. And each one has a common thread - Gallopalooza.

This civic pride initiative began as a way to beautify the streets, encourage tourism and local exploration, showcase local artists and generate civic pride. While many people think Gallopalooza is an annual event, it really only occurs once every five years.  The first time, in 2004, raised over $740,000 to support Brightside and other charities.  Our 2009 herd, raised more than $350,000 for beautification projects. 

Our 2009 herd of 132 horses included five different poses:  

  • Race On - a running thoroughbred
  • High Step - a show horse
  • Knight - a horse bust chess piece
  • Relax - a horse in repose
  • Playful - a foal

To see pictures of the horses in progress, visit our photo gallery.  To see the finished horses, visit our horse showcase.

Gallopalooza. From start to finish.

  1. Artists are invited to submit designs (2 max) (We are currently NOT looking for any new designs)
  2. Businesses or individuals agree to sponsor a horse (with various levels of sponsorships)
  3. Sponsor and artist work together to customize horse
  4. Artists embellish horses
  5. Artists receive $1,000-$1,500 commission
  6. Horses are judged and displayed, attracting immeasurable attention for both the
    sponsor and the artist
  7. Cash prizes are awarded to winning artists
  8. Sponsors have option to purchase their horse or put it up for auction
  9. Horses are auctioned on November 20, 2009
  10. Horses go to their permanent home